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quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Obama KFC bucket sold in Japan

do Japan Probe de James

Spotted a earlier this month on display at a major chain of Japanese novelty stores (Exiciting Bookstore Village Vanguard):

obama chicken bucket

It is a tissue holder shapped like a bucket of fried chicken. Colonel Sanders' face has been replaced by a similarly-styled Barack Obama face.

According to Gizmoto, who considers the product to be racist, it is made by a company based in Hong Kong:

I'm really, REALLY not understanding why Brando, purveyor of all things strange and gadgety, is selling a tissue holder looking like a certain fried chicken bucket– WITH OBAMA'S FACE on it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

To top it off, the slightly stereotypical product has Obama dressed up like Colonel Sanders, and also features a coin bank for change. Sigh. Get it? One has to wonder whether or not they merely thought it was funny, or if they really just hate Black America. And for the record, a Popeye's bucket (despite them frying up superior chicken) WOULD NOT have made it any better. Regardless, though…WTF!

Gizmoto's link to the product page on Brando's website no longer works, so I'm guessing they pulled it after somebody at the company realized it might offend some people.

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